Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why participate in the Manufacturing Exchange at

A: The exchange is a place to gather VT Manufacturers, Designers & Suppliers to collaborate, improve, innovate and grow. The initial initiative was focused on critical efforts addressing Covid-19 response. The focus was on finding manufacturers who can make or be the lead on the making of PPE (personal protective equipment) or other needed medical supplies. Now, here, we continue to build the network for Recovery and Resilience, as well.

Q: I am not able to complete the process of joining

A: After you completed the Join process, you should have gotten an email acknowledgement – if you did not get the email –
1) the Email may be in your spam folder 2) you may have entered an incorrect email address or 3) you may have an issue with quarantined emails (if so, please contact us at

Q: I have joined, but I can't post to a Forum

A: Most forums require you to be a member of a Forum before you can post to a Discussion. Click "Become a Member". Grey box located on the left on most desktop browsers.

Q: I see a work group, but I can not see the content of it

A: The work groups may be a member-only group. If so,you need to become a member of the work group to see the information inside that area. Depending upon the Work Group, approval may be needed.

Q: I have been told I have been invited to a Work Group but how to I accept that invitation?

1) Sign into your account on the website - /

2) Go to your profile

3) Look for your invites on the right side

4) And make sure you select "accept" - it will change to "accepted" when you've done this successfully

5) Then click the title to enter...

Here's a quick video:

Q: I see a post but when I click into it, I cannot actually see it

A: You are not a member of that Forum or Work Group. "Become a Member".

Q: I see my business's list but it needs updates

A: You should see a "is this your business" button on the left navigation. Once you click the button, you will be able to edit your business's information. If that button is not visible, please contact

Q: How to find Businesses already in MXVT?

A: Click Business tab in the top navigation, then go to the upper right hand corner of the businesses screen and use the SEARCH function

Q: Should I register as a Business or a Partner?

A: If you are a manufacturer, supplier, or service organization you should register as a Business. If you are a participating partner of MXVT, RDC, ACCD, etc, then register as a Partner.

Q: What if my business wants to lead a Forum?

A: If you don't see that your idea fits into an existing Forum, you can click on "Add a Profile" to suggest a new Forum. You will be contacted to further set-up your forum, including assigning a moderator, etc. The moderator is the person (or persons) who will organize the Forum, add information and moderate the discussion. The moderator guide will be located in the FAQ section and MXVT partners can help set up the forum with you.

Q: So you want to be a Moderator?

A: As a Moderator of a Forum or Work Group, you have a high level of influence on the “exchange”. Moderators can invite people, remove people, customize topics and stimulate the discussions. While not exactly a LIVE exchange, forums with moderators who keep content fresh and relevant and who add comments and respond dynamically, can be very powerful. For example, while a comment might just be a sentence or two about an important and recent industry Internet posting; a simple copy and paste link to the site, it will drive increased traffic to your forum and continue valuable, ongoing activity. We are recommending at least 2 moderators per Forum or Work Group to help share responsibilities and benefit from the collaboration.

Once a forum or work group is proposed, the MXVT deployment team will connect with the new moderator(s) to provide a short, but important training. At that time, they can clarify the role and answer any questions before getting on your way.

Forums are set up with a default format to help users with a consistent experience but adjustments can be made to better suit the needs of the group. If a forum needs modifications, the MXVT Deployment team will work with the lead moderator to define and implement updates.

See the moderator guide or training “how to”/Job Breakdown for more details and please send a message to or click “”Add a Profile” from the Forum Tab. letting us know of your interest as a Moderator!

Q: How do I find the resources to make a specific product (e.g. PPE)

A: If a Forum is set up for that type of product, you will find resources there. You can also use the search function. You can create a post to start or join with other the Forum members to get the resources you need.

Q: What's the best way to loop in the suppliers I am working with?

A: You can ask them to join MXVT or Invite them to the Forum (button on left navigation when you are in the Forum or Work Group)

Q; Where do I find what is needed?

A: Go to the Manufacturing Opportunities & Needs Forum (join) and see what is posted in “Suppliers Needed” sub tab or post a need or capability in “Classifieds” You can also go to a specific Forum Discussion area under “Customers, Need, Demand”