RECOVERY: Daily Operations and RESTART during COVID-19 Pandemic




Useful Templates and Examples:

1) Reopening Plan Guidance (based on this Plan)Source: RESTART ACTION TEAM
2) Employer: Checklist based on Sector Reopening Plan (coming soon)
3) Welcome Back and Ongoing Communication - Employee Training / Commitment (see Document templates)
4) Communication Examples and Templates:

  1. Employee Entrance (CDC), Screening Posting Template (
  2. Visitor Entrance Screening Posting Template (
  3. Physical Spacing Social Distancing Poster (VHD)
  4. Hand Washing (CDC)
  5. Face Mask Proper use(VHD)
  6. Stop Spread of Germs Poster (CDC)
  7. Photos (Visual Markings / Posting / Adjustments to Breakrooms) (


For Up to date and Additional Examples, visit often or become a member of the forum

Other Resources used for GUIDE:

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Vermont is restarting and there's a lot to know and do.

Manufacturers take the safety of employees, their families and their communities very seriously.
In addition to the guidance from CDC, OSHA, Vermont Department of Health and VOSHA, the REOPENING PLAN has been created with input from the policies and practices of many local, national and global manufacturers who are currently operational. And who have generously shared their experiences, resources and time. You can even find editable postings and templates so you dont have to find or make them yourself.

The moderated forum is dynamic, and just like the Manufacturing, Fulfillment and Distribution sectors, it becomes stronger and more relevant because of the collaboration and engagement of all of us. So Accept the invitation!