RECOVERY: Daily Operations and RESTART during COVID-19 Pandemic


Summary of Phased Implementation Timeline


Phased Implementation Timeline and Types of Work


Phase 1:EFFECTIVE Monday, April 27, 2020, Amended Effective May 4, 2020

Manufacturing Fulfillment and Distribution companies may begin phased-in operations with a maximum of 5 updated to 10 as of May 4, 2020 employees in any location if they are low-density and ensure employees are at least 6-ft apart at all times. Read the full announcement here from ACCD.

Customize Preparedness Plan, Assessment, Training, Communication etc.

"Low density" - No Person-to-Person contact, physical distancing, face cloth mask, according to VDH, CDC, OSHA/VOSHA COVID-19 Guidance

Remote work, if possible

Visitors Restrictions

Phase 2: EFFECTIVE Monday, May 11, 2020 Moderate Density to adhere to 6-ft distancing with as few employees as necessary to permit full operations. This is subject to maintaining health and safety requirements. Enhanced training programs must be developed as defined by VOSHA Guidance,.(If fewer than 10 employees at a physical location, not required to create an industry-specific, detailed, re-opening and training plan.) All operations will designate a health officer on site at every shift ( ACCD guidance}. The Health Officer has authority to stop or modify activities to ensure mandatory health and safety requirements.

PPE per VDH,CDC, OSHA COVID-19 Guidance Continue remote work, wherever possible Continue Visitor Restrictions “Curbside” retail, maintaining 6-ft physical distance


New Normal Operations within COVID-19 guidelines
Return of Support/Office Staff within COVID-19 guidelines
Tentative return of Visitors with COVID-19 guidelines,
including on-location FactoryStore/Retail
Continuation of Monitoring including appropriate PPE

see Document for Viewable, Complete, Up-to-date TABLES

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