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In addition to the finest ski slopes in the world, Vermont is composed of world class manufacturers and service organizations.

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Navigating the challenges we face takes a collective effort. Our forums bring together information and local experts

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Many efforts going forward will require teams from across the State working together efficiently. These tools will help

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Meaningful Collaboration & Innovation Are Essential

Manufacturing Exchange - Vermont (MXVT) is managed by VMECbut it's a joint, collaborative effort of many of Vermont's top leaders from business, state government, academia, and non-profit organizations. While it was created in the crucible of responding to the crushing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic impacting Vermont, our nation and the world, the concepts and strategies behind it have been evolving for years.

Going Forward:

"VMEC will continue to execute its long-standing mission, "To Strengthen and Empower Vermont Manufacturers," by providing systems and solutions to help Vermont manufacturers innovate, plan, perform and grow. We are deeply committed to work with our longstanding and new, willing partners to leverage our collective impact. With agility and perseverance, VMEC will steadfastly remain focused and committed to Vermont's full recovery and new growth - especially for our critical manufacturing industry and ecosystem. Indeed, we are "all in this together." Vermont 2.0 can, and eventually will be, stronger and better than ever!"

~ Bob Zider, VMEC Director & CEO, for the VMEC Team ~
Listen to this 90-second message from Bob Zider, VMEC Director and CEO

Leadership Matters

Vermont has an abundance of talented individuals and entities that are very willing to collaborate and work together. Below are logos of the early - and growing - list of MXVT collaborators. These entities and their innovative people are helping to continuously improve and accelerate use of MXVT across Vermont. Together, we are focusing on improving Communication, Collaboration, and Solving Problems that are both immediate and important to restoring and once again growing Vermont's economy, thereby helping our regional and national economies.

We invite you to work with us!

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QUICK READ-ACCESS to the Manufacturing, Fulfillment and Distribution Sector Reopening Plan DOCUMENT(VMEC)

Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order MEMO (ACCD)

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top and bottom line improvement techniques!


Cyber-security and Remote Work/Work-from-Home 06/03/2020 REPLAYS'upporting the Health of All Vermont Workers on 05/27/2020 - REPLAY at MXVT VT RETAIN Forum
M'OVING FORWARD Live Forum on 5/20/2020 REPLAYC'OVID-19 Scenarios on 5/13/2020 Live Forum Discussion and SummaryH'EALTH and SAFETY Q&A with VOSHA, ProjectWork Safe, and VMEC May 6 REPLAYL'ESSONS from "Essential' Manufacturers' Leaders Panel Q&A on Restart May 1 Live Forum replay

VMEC COVID-19 On-Site work policy

While we will continue to work remotely when we can, we’re ready to visit you at your facility as well. We are committed to adapting our work to meet our mission and help you meet yours, while maintaining the health, safety and well-being of your staff and ours too. View this short video
If you have additional questions, USE REPLY WINDOW below each FAQ,
or contact mxvt@vmec.org

Getting Started

If you are keen to start using this portal but are unsure on what it has to offer or you don't know how to do something, begin by simply clicking around the site. Most everything you see should be reasonably self-explanatory. When you gain your confidence, join in by registering or signing in.

Governor Phil Scott: "Vermonters rise to the occasion, we help our neighbors and we answer the call of duty, and we get creative to solve the challenges ahead..."

Coming Next!

In the coming days and weeks Manufacturing Exchange - Vermont will be bringing you information not only to help you weather the challenges ahead, but also to flourish in these challenging times. We need you to be successful so we can solve the pressing needs in front of us.

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June 4
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State of VT seeking company to make Tyvek suits
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June 1
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Seeking manufacturer for Marine Dock Fender System - Photo attached
Seeking supplier for Marine dock cylindrical fendering system (photo in attachment) for oceangoing...

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