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Vermont has an abundance of talented individuals and entities that are very willing to collaborate and work together. Below are logos of the early - and growing - list of MXVT partners . These entities and their innovative people are helping to continuously improve and accelerate use of MXVT across Vermont. Together, we are focusing on improving Communication, Collaboration, and Solving Problems that are both immediate and important to restoring and once again growing Vermont's, the region's and nation's economies.Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.26.03 AM.png Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.22.51 AM.png

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MXVT.org “Partner Expectations and Responsibilities”

1. Be an enthusiastic promoter and user of MXVT.org
2. Provide suggestions to the designated MXVT.org Administrator regarding potential improvements to MXVT.org
3. Provide a practical connection to industry, other value-adding groups and individuals who could potentially be important to the continuous improvement and success of MXVT.org
4. Understand and promote the mission and regular use of MXVT.org in ways consistent with the stated “Values of MXVT.org”
5. Consider creating and/or moderating an MXVT.org Forum or Working Group, and routinely recommend to the designated MXVT.org Administrator outstanding individuals who might serve as Forum or Working Group moderators
6. Routinely contribute content and helpful suggestions to MXVT.org Forums and Working Groups.
7. Routinely share “success stories” and known “impacts and outcomes” related to MXVT.org with the designated MXVT.org Administrator
8. Be a “team player” while maintaining independence, promoting fairness, and encouraging ethics in the use of MXVT.org
9. Preserve high ethical standards and immediately advise the VMEC Director/ CEO of actual or perceived conflicts of interest when they arise, or might arise, as a result of activities related to MXVT.org

What are the Advantages of Being an MXVT.org Partner?

- Partners and their logo are listed and thereby promoted in the MXVT.org “Partners” tab located on the black horizontal bar at the top of each MXVT.org page
- Partners have direct access the designated MXVT.org Administrator
- Partners may set-up and name their own Forums and Workgroups. Consultation is first recommended with the MXVT.org Administrator for possible strategic support and/or for ideas and new learning to help accelerate success.
- Partners may have early, first opportunities to learn about important new enhancements and/or improvements being implemented for the MXVT.org platform. Partner advice and input regarding new MXVT.org strategies and/or enhancements may be sought.
- Partners may directly share-in and celebrate the learning and successes of this diverse and robust social media style platform. Partners will be able to effectively connect and engage the public, company, and organizational workers and thought leaders to share and discuss information, find new business opportunities, and participate in continuous learning, problem solving, and in promoting and using best practices.

How Does an Entity Become a Designated MXVT.org Partner?

Partners are usually “invited” by the VMEC Director & CEO or the VMEC Assistant Director or the designated MXVT.org Administrator. Final approval of the “Partner” designation is dependent upon a successful discussion with and acceptance by the invited organization or entity.

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