A. & R. Belley

  • 245 Bryce Blvd
  • Georgia, Vermont
  • 05454
  • (802) 391-3119

Who are we?

Belley is the leader in the delivery of just-in-time cardboard boxes. We are among the largest cardboard distributors in the North East, and we can therefore offer very low prices to our customers. We also offer the additional service of maintaining box inventories at our location and financing this operation. We completely manage our customers’ needs for boxes, from design to delivery, granting access to an outstanding and highly computerized service, and generating huge savings in time, space and money.

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Business Information

  • Contact Information: 8023913119
  • Founded: 1985
  • Headquarters: Sherbrooke
  • Products: Corrugated, Cardboard, Boxes, Warehousing
  • Key People: Sebastien Dufort
  • Area(s) Served: Vermont
  • Type: Private

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245 Bryce Blvd
Georgia Vermont 05454
(802) 391-3119