Objective of the VT RETAIN forum

The objective of this forum is to provide support for employers for return to work/stay at work and preventing work disability in Vermont.

Why use this forum?

We can answer your return to work questions and provide readiness to work information and resources. Expect to see new information added regularly by VT RETAIN, VMEC, its partners, forum members and, hopefully, by you!

How to use this Forum?

This forum has seven sections:

  • “Become a Member” of this Forum: You can find your MEMBER STATUS at the bottom of the Overview sub-tab. This is very important. Because we update information regularly (for example, new document revisions).
  • Overview: Think of this as the forum’s home page. Here you will see the forum’s overview, site sections, most recent discussion postings and recent activity.
  • How to Use: You can use this forum to ask questions to the VT RETAIN team and access readiness to work and other return to work and stay at work resources.
  • Videos: We will post training and information videos here. Also check out the Documents section for audio recordings and presentations that are not in video format.
  • Discussion: This is our collaboration space. You can pose questions, find solutions, give us feedback, and provide comments to other member's posts.
  • Documents: We will be posting audio recordings, presentations, and other helpful resources here.
  • Members: In this area you can see the forum’s managers and members. If you don’t see a fellow company, please recommend they join!

Feel free to click around the sections and see what’s there. You can’t break anything :)

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Frequently asked questions

Q : Who is eligible for VT RETAIN services?
A : Any Vermont employer. Send an email to or call 833-995-1085.

Q: What can VT RETAIN do for Vermont employers?
A: We can (1) provide free training in stay-at-work/return-to-work best practices,(2) answer questions about how to help employees stay at or return to work, (3) help you develop functional job descriptions, and (4) be a resource to any Vermont employer for helping you get your employees back to work safely and in full capacity.

Q: How do I know if my employees are ready to go back to work?
A: We have put together a checklist for employers to use to help make sure that you and your employees are ready. There is also a video of our Readiness to Work presentation in our Document tab.

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